Woven Recycled Fabric Rug


Using recycled fabric you can make infinity of different and useful projects for your home, so if you have any fabric that you no longer use, give it a new life by following the instructions in this tutorial shared by craftpassion and learn how to make a rug with recycled fabric.

How to make a rug with recycled fabric

You´ll need:

  • Fabric or T-shirt yarn.
  • Thick cardboard.
  • Crochet needle.
  • A large toothpick.
  • Pair of scissors.

How to:

Begin making a cardboard guide that will allow you to weave the fabric more easily: make a line of grooves 1.2 cm apart between them, the length of this line will depend on the width you want for your rug.


If you are going to use fabric, you must cut it into strips of approximately 2.5 cm width. Obviously skip this step if you are going to use T-shirt yarn. The length of the strips will depend on your needs.

In each groove, place between 6 to 12 strips (the more strips you use, the softer the carpet will be), remember to leave several extra strips free to weave.


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Working in a transversal direction, knot a strip of fabric in the first strip of the bunch of the first groove. With this strip you’ ll start weaving. Pass the strip through the bottom of the first bunch of strips (first groove) and then over the second bunch (second groove).

Repeat this process until you reach the end of the grooves, at this point, turn the cardboard to continue weaving the second row. For example, if you finished the knitting strip at the bottom of the last bunch, then start the second row at the top.


Every few rows pull the bunch of strips vertically to straighten them as you go. Repeat this procedure until you have completed the entire piece.

Knit the last row close to the previous row, with the needle up or down to make a cross with the previous strip, pull the knitting strip and tie them in place.

Hide the fabric strip by passing it into the fabric.


Pull the bunches of strips out of the grooves and cut off the excess fabric.


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Images: trapillo

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