Woven lampshades for table or floor lamps


Table and floor lamps make environments more welcoming, in addition to being very necessary for those who like to weave at night or read in the old style -with a book- leaving for a few moments the brightness of the computer screen.

Yes, we all like the luminaries that give the living room or bedroom a special, dim and homely light and if they have woven screens, the effect will be better. I’m going to try and make my XL woven lamp, who doesn’t want to try?. They are beautiful and don´t seem anything difficult to make!

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Woven lamps


Today we´ll see various models of woven lamps.

All these works don´t have a step by step, but if we can cover a lamp shade or weave on a wire structure for a luminaire, we can make a woven lampshade.




We can find more ideas to make hanging woven lamps in Ideas to make T-shirt yarn lamps or in this link to find a design of white pendant luminaire in t-shirt yarn.

I’ll tell you as soon as my order of t-shirt yarn arrives and make a lampshade with recycled fabric.

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Images: trapillo

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