Ways to make T-shirt yarn cushions

Ways to make T-shirt yarn cushions

This pink pillow is made with sewn fabric braids that were intertwined, but T-shirt yarn cushions can be made in many ways: with frayed fabric strips (like rugs), with crochet XL or decorating a common pillow with strips of cloth.

There are several possibilities to consider when making a cozy corner in our house with T-shirt yarn cushions.

T- shirt yarn cushions

With crochet you can make very beautiful cushions. And it is very simple to make a straight seam which then sew and fill it to make a pillow.


For the most advanced weavers, the proposal is to make crochet puffs. They are the latest in interior decoration because they are beautiful and very comfortable, plus, it creates a relaxed and friendly atmosphere effect.


The technique to form fringed rugs is also useful for making cushions, just look at the result: very decorative and modern cushions.


With T-shirt yarn or recycled fabric you can also decorate the cushions. And here are several ways to do it. The first model it’s doing embroidery with T-shirt yarn.

You can see more models of embroidered cushions with this technique in Stitch to embroider with T-shirt yarn


Other ways to decorate cushions are in the images below. And there are many more ways to make cushions with t-shirt yarn.

Soon we are going to share with you models of T-shirt yarn cushions with designs for children, and I warn you: they are so cute that will be hard to resist the temptation to make a few cushions for the kids bedroom.



Images: treasurechest01renest,alisathesweetlifehomedzineliveinternetturkumaikkimaalainen

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