Warm garments: gloves, slippers, collars and XL crochet ponchos


Today we are going to share warm garments and accessories, ideal for cold days, because the woven fabric is warm and has a pleasant texture. As an example, these zibbet’s fingerless gloves are one of the warm crochet garments that you’ll see today, in addition to other accessories woven in recycled fabric: a scarf, slippers and an XL poncho (dedicated to my mother who weaves ponchos).

T-shirt yarn garments for cold season

Remember the t-shirt yarn scarves, knitted hats and recycled fabric sweaters? Well, these are not the only garments you can make for winter with crochet XL.

This is another model of XL fingerless gloves creation of ariannabelle. For all those who know how to make crocheted gloves without fingers, another alternative is to knit them with fabric strips.


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For the extreme cold a scarf from thepukproject to keep you warm. It’s very cute, it seems super warm and I bet that your weaver friends will find it very easy to make.


For those who have seen these models of slippers and shoes and dare to make variations to make warm clothes for the family we bring you this idea: XL crochet boots slippers from liveinternet.


I’m a fan of ponchos, especially knitted: warm and very beautiful ponchos, like the ones my mother makes in crochet or 2 needles. And if you allow me, I’ll leave this idea for her and for you, a crocheted poncho, which I´m sure you can make in the blink of an eye, a beautiful model of the pysslamer collection.


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Which idea did you like best? Leave us your comment or share your ideas of warm clothes that you have woven with recycled fabric.

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