Video: easy carpet with fabric strips in “accordion”


Seeing this handmade decorative accessory finished, no one would say that it’s easy to make this carpet, however, if you watch the video showing the step by step you’ll notice that not only it’s simple but you can do it without any costs using recycled fabrics or that you can simplify the work using a variety of colors of t-shirt yarn.

This is an excellent way to make a handmade carpet, with step by step instructions detailed in a video by Julian Frank and Carlotta Morandini.

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A technique for fabric strips in “accordion” for carpets

With this craft technique you can achieve a round carpet like the one you see on the cover or create other designs with various shapes. The idea is to fold the strips of fabric in the shape of an accordion and then sew them and roll them up in an spiral.

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A way to make economic and beautiful recycled fabric or t-shirt yarn carpets.

Watch the video to make an accordion carpet in this Vimeo link.


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Images: trapillo

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