Tuija Teiska’s recycled fabric sculptures


Tuija Teiska is only 26 years old and now is considered an accomplished artist in sculpture with recycled fabric. She’s called “The Rag Artist” because she made -with strips of cloth- paintings and sculptures of great originality.

Tuija, graduated from the School of Art in Imatra, Finland, represents the new generation of artists who create with recycled materials. She has had the opportunity to show her works at art museums, and people are amazed with her sculptures with fabric strips.

Sculptures made of recycled fabric


Each sculpture created by Tuija have a meaning. They are based in mythological, religious and daily life situations representing symbolic scenes.


Tuija says:

“I believe that all people are artists. Just not everyone has the opportunity to express their art. As in Finland, prosperous states must give the art a special role to play in building human welfare. All acts of common decisions should be discussed through art. At one point the best artwork lead us to our goals as individuals and as a society”


Source and images: Tuija Teiska Works


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