Tips to work with T-shirt yarn

Consejos-para-trabajar-con-trapilloIf you are a beginner, perhaps working with t-shirt yarn may be a bit difficult because this kind of yarn is bulky and, although it’s elastic, the volume of the fabric can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why today we are going to give you some tips to work with t-shirt yarn, which will surely make it easier for you to carry out any project with this material.

Tips to work with T-shirt yarn

If you are a fan of knitting with needles, always try to use the largest ones (XL crochet) as these will help you a lot with the type of fabric that the T-shirt yarn comprises.

Opt for plastic or metal needles. Needles that are a bit slippery can be helpful in working the stitches more easily and evenly.


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Experiment with various weaving techniques, remember that you can make braids and use macrame knots to make a large number of projects with fabric without having to know how to crochet.

Take your time. When you work on large projects, you can put a lot of stress on your body; so take it easy and rest often if you feel any discomfort.

Try not to stretch the fabric, although this material tends to be elastic the less you stretch it you will be able to achieve a uniform tension and have stitches that don’t look distorted.


Don’t worry about perfection. Many times the yarn is not exactly the same width so there will be variations throughout the project. You may also run out of yarn in the middle of the knitting and need to change yarn. That’s why you shouldn’t look for everything to be perfect.

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