Tips to knit with T-shirt yarn


The first thing you should do if you want to start knitting with T-shirt yarn is to get large needles. Since T-shirt yarn is wider than regular wool, you’ll need needles with larger hooks. Use plastic or metal needles depending on the fabric with which you made the yarn. If the fabric is tame you can use needles made of plastic, if it’s a little more rustic, those made of metal will work better for you.

T-shirt yarn is heavier than wool or yarn and can be a bit more difficult to handle, especially if it’s a large project, so it´s important that you take enough time to carry out your projects. The least you want is to start suffering back pain or vision fatigue.


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Try not to stretch the fabric you are working with too much. It can look uneven when you knit it. If you stretch it too much, in the stitches you’ll see some very narrow parts and others that are wider, precisely because the fabric is not the same size. Also, there are fabrics that aren’t elastic and if you pull them too much, your fabric can break.

Don’t worry too much if your projects made with fabric are not perfect, many times the colors of the fabrics are not even the same, or the textures are different and the cuts may not be totally accurate. That is where the charm of working with recycled materials lies, remember that above all what you do is an environmentally friendly job.

If you still don´t know how to make T-shirt yarn from used garments the following tutorial will show you the step by step to form a yarn ball from recycled fabric. To see the tutorial click here.


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