Tips for Ironing a t-shirt yarn basket


This is an excellent advice from a craftsman to make perfect t-shirt yarn baskets: use a steam iron to improve and match the fabric. With this trick the baskets become more rigid and improve its texture and appearance, such is the result in this beautiful basket created by Siniemilia.

Ironing tips for t-shirt yarn baskets

A charming basket model is presented by this artisan, who also generously shares in his web the trick to improve the t-shirt yarn baskets using a steam iron.


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The tip is to spray the water inside the basket and iron it only on the inside, giving it a rounded shape at the ends. To do this, use the steam iron at maximum power and then let it set for a while in order for the fabric to become more rigid.

The ironing effect allows to achieve smooth baskets, perfect for use as centerpieces or as organizers for objects.

For sure this is a beautiful handcrafted creation and an excellent advice for ironing a t-shirt yarn basket. You can see the complete work in siniemilia’s article.

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Images: trapillo

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