Tips and ideas for rugs with braids


We all know how to make braids, they are so easy to create that can also be made by little  children, so this is an ideal project to do with the family. The most difficult thing to make a rug with braids is to braid the whole roll of t-shirt yarn, so doing it in several sections simplify the work so you can make a colorful carpet and work as a team.

A rug with braids can be round but you can also make it square, oval, heart and other original shapes. And you can always sew it with the machine, fasten the fabric without sewing or make t-shirt yarn rugs with braids based on other techniques.

Round braided rugs

Braided rugs are not difficult to make but the most complicated thing is to plait a long roll of fabric that at the end is quite bulky, that’s why you can make the braids, combine colors, and join them to achieve a long braid which then you sew in a spiral to achieve a round rug.


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While the easiest way to make a rug with braids is to roll up the braid and sew it, you can also make a round rug without seams. For this you have to make the braid as you make the carpet but passing the inner pull through the previous lap.

You can see this procedure on seamless braided rugs


Is ideal to make a simple round carpet to learn and then, having practice and experience, start trying to make more complex models such as these braided rugs with shapes.




Square braided rugs

This way of making square rugs has the advantage of being able to make the braids in several sections, avoiding the problem we mentioned at the beginning of not having to braid the entire roll.

They are also easier to machine sew and you can even combine the colors to form hearts, stretching the trap and matching the color of one and another braid.

To flatten the carpet after making the braiding and sewing you can always follow the advice of steam ironing or the method of wet cloth and manual ironing.


This is another model of square rug with stitched braids, with a very original color combination and a very neat finish.


As you get to know the stitches to make rugs you can combine the braids with other forms of braiding without crochet needles or looms, like the method of carpet brushes. These carpets are braided with a large needle which is also a perfect tool to make braided rugs without seams.

You can see how to make a needle to weave carpets in the article carpets toothbrush


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