Tanvi Kant’s fabric jewelry

Tanvi Kant’s fabric jewelry

Tanvi Kant is an Indian artisan who works with recycled fabrics to create fine jewelry with history -as she says- because she uses old sarees from her family that are made of fine hindu fabrics. Tanvi has received many awards for these creations, which are as original as beautiful.

Tanvi is considered an artist who creates beauty recycling waste materials.

Look how cute the jewelry pieces made by Tanvi are and how original is the technique she has developed.


The jewels of Tanvi Kant

According Tanvi Kant, the goal of her work is to create unique pieces, each one with its own history. The fabrics used are brightly colored sarees, shiny threads and recycled materials; these fabrics are tied, sewn and masterfully composed.


Besides fabric and yarn, Tanvi uses wood beads that function as “weights” to give way to balance between the structure and parts.

In this way she achieves a well balanced design: the shine of silk and threads are smoothed with opaque wood and ceramic raw.


Merging all these materials has achieved a unique style, beautiful , ecological and very modern.


It is highly recommended to visit the page of this artist. If you want to admire the work of Tanvi Kant you can visit her website by clicking on the link at the end of this article.




Source: Tanvi Kant

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