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Elegant ruffled scarf


If fashion is your thing but you don´t want to spend more money in clothes your´e reading the right post. To wear a distinguished accessory be sure to make this elegant ruffled scarf that we share with you today, thanks to a onegoodthingbyjillee´s idea. Continue reading

Pictures made with recycled fabric and woven tapestries


Today, we are going to share some models of tapestries made with recycled fabric that are worth enjoying, for example, the main photo which shows pictures made with recycled fabric created by Arab students. Continue reading

Creative ideas to recycle a sweater

Creative ideas to recycle a sweater

In textile recycling you not only recycle fabric, because you also can reuse yarn fabrics, wool sweaters and towels, among other things. With some techniques you can comb the wool to make felt; or just cut the yarn fabrics to make cushions, dolls, bags and any other objects you can imagine.

Just look out to these beautiful and innovating ideas that we have compiled to inspire you to recycle those old sweaters and other fabrics. Continue reading

Ecological advantages of textile recycling


Recycling fabrics provide a use of these materials that otherwise would exacerbate the environmental problem of waste. Furthermore, it is a shame not to take advantage of this material since T-Shirt yarn is made with the excess of fabric coils.


Textile recycling has many advantages. The estimated annual textile consumption is 10 kg per person and this figure is equal to the waste material, if we add the excess of the factories the volume is huge, so you have to keep in mind that T-Shirt yarn, the thread recycling and recycling of clothes in general is a creative addition to a commitment to creating environmentally friendly materials. Continue reading