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Ideas to make organizer baskets with t-shirt yarn


T-shirt yarn baskets or organizers have infinite uses that can vary depending on their design, for example, with a small handle they can be hung, with two handles they can be used to load clothes for washing. If they are flat we can use them as centerpieces or bread baskets, in short, there are many ways to make t-shirt yarn baskets. Continue reading


Bread basket made with fabric (“accordion” style)


Do you want to share a distinguish table by decorating it when you receive guests to eat? So, you can’t miss this excellent idea from inspicreatives. We suggest you to create an “accordion” bread basket made with t-shirt yarn. In addition to being original and beautiful, it has a good capacity so you can fill it with enough bread for many guests. Continue reading

Models of original t-shirt yarn baskets

I like t-shirt yarn baskets but I love original models like this elongated sinaimg´s basket made with braids and other handmade designs that we’ll see today, which are really creative, modern and ingenious.

In today’s post we’ll appreciate different well done projects and good ideas, a way to inspire us to create beautiful utilitarian and decorative baskets for our home. Continue reading

Models of organizer baskets


Today we are going to show you different models of t-shirt yarn baskets to which you can give different uses: such as a magazine rack, a toy organizer, to keep the clothes for washing, and so on.

These models of recycled fabric baskets are going to inspire you and will surely help you keep your house nice and organized. Continue reading