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Stitches to make a multicolored t-shirt yarn rug


According to the colors that predominate in the room where we’ll place the rug, we can combine several colors of fabric to harmonize with the decoration. For this we’ll weave a round of each color. We change the color of the t-shirt yarn and/or use fabric leftovers from other projects. his is a project to do with dedication and affection and thus achieve a beautiful decorative utility for our home: a T-shirt yarn rug with treble crochet, fast to weave, with the colors that we like the most. Continue reading

Crochet step by step: double crochet


Starting with a chain, today you’ll learn how to make the double crochet stitch, one of the foundations of crochet. With thick fabric and an XL crochet needle you can start practicing double crochet stitches, which can be started from a chain to make a square or rectangular fabric, or from a round base or magic ring for round fabrics. Continue reading

How to make the “grain of corn” stitch


Since we shared in our blog the work of Mielie many of you have asked us how to make the stitch called “grain of corn” with t-shirt yarn to make carpets, bags and other utilities or accessories. The original tutorial is a PDF so we are going to make a little introduction to it and then share the tutorial to make this beautiful and original stitch. Continue reading

Stitches to make T-shirt yarn rugs with a grid

Stitches to make T-shirt yarn rugs with a grid

There are so many ways to make rugs and placemats with T-shirt yarn and their difficulty depends on your abilities in various techniques. An easy method is to create stitches using a grid. The rug at the cover photo, made by Paula Corley, is one of the models of rugs with recycled fabric you can achieve with this technique. Continue reading

“Corn kernel”: an original stitch to work with T-shirt yarn


With today’s tutorial you will be able to learn how to make wallets, bags or cases only using recycled fabric and burlap. With the corn kernel stitch you can achieve a weave with a beautiful texture, as you can see in the cover image. Continue reading