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Finger knitted necklace


Today we are going to share a very interesting tutorial, creating by Tmbijoux which shows you how to make a recycled fabric necklace knitted with fingers and adding strings and beads to it. A simple step by step, with a very nice result that allows infinite variations to create accessories with strips of fabric. Continue reading

Necklace with wooden beads: step by step


This is a crocheted knit collar finished with seams attached to the fabric wooden balls, a procedure found in bloglovin that teachs how to make it. With this step by step you’ll also learn a very nice way to fill with beads the crochet fabrics that are formed in the increases so you can decorate crocheted jewelry, bags and other creations in crochet XL. Continue reading

How to make a necklace with fabric chain (sewn or crochet)

How to make a necklace with fabric chain (sewn or crochet)

Lately in fashion shows we have seen in the runways this model of necklace and the artisans are more likely to make this design using recycled fabric. We are talking about chain necklaces made with fabric links, which you can make sewing the fabric or by crochet.

Today we are going to see how to make this model of necklace just using artisanal methods. Continue reading

How to weave a necklace with your fingers: step by step

How to weave a necklace with your fingers step by step

To make these beautiful necklaces you must braid the fabric strips with an easy and at the same time original technique using just your fingers. Today we are going to share this tutorial made by nellavaligiadellaburu to show you how to weave a necklace with your fingers. Continue reading

T-shirt yarn hippie chic necklace tutorial


In some fashion magazines you can find this relaxed and elegant style called “hippie chic“, which is a design style inspired somewhere between the aesthetics imposed by Janis Joplin and Christian Dior respectively.

The truth is that the T-shirt yarn necklace we are going to show you today is simple and an innovative eco design, perfect to wear with casual outfits (jeans or comfortable clothing) and to combine with a stylish clothing for a romantic date. You can learn how to make this T-shirt yarn necklace thanks to craft.tutsplus’s instructions. Continue reading