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Easy and original jewelry made with t-shirt yarn


This model of pendant with clasps is undoubtedly an original idea for making jewelry with t-shirt yarn, but it’s not the only one, because with t-shirt yarn you can make modern accessories with great style that are very easy to reproduce. Today you’ll see inspiring ideas to create simple, original and very modern jewelry with t-shirt yarn. Continue reading

T-Shirt yarn wool slippers and slipper-socks

T-Shirt yarn shoes and slippers

Most people use slipper-socks to sleep with warm feet, and most use slippers to stay in the house. Today we are going to show you how to use recycled fabric to make slipper-socks, slippers and many models of sandals.

Here are some ideas, as there are many models to choose from…and you can make them for your kids or yourselves. Continue reading

Renovate shirts with recycled fabric

Renovate shirts with recycled fabric

Recycle, Reuse, Renew. The season of change is coming and old clothes have several destinations: back to the washing machine and then to the closet, to be donated, or to the recycling basket. It`s really difficult for all of us to throw away our most beloved clothes, so a good option is to give them a second chance.

Fortunately, recycling has become a fashion -which does not mean it is not also environmental awareness- so, why not take these good ideas to renovate shirts with recycled fabric? Continue reading