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T-shirt yarn handle cover


With recycled fabric you can make multiple utilitarian objects, which can be used to improve household chores. In this case, we are going to share with you an idea so that you can learn how to make a cover for handles with fabric in order to keep this part in good condition in your pans and pots. Continue reading

How to make a t-shirt yarn puff with single crochet stitches


A woven stool or a fabric puff can be made in several ways, but if you want to knit it in a simple way there is no scheme as simple as the one that uses a magic ring, increases and decreases with single crochet stitches. This tutorial by Mementovivere is very special because she was able to make a beautiful and simple to weave puff that has an opening where the woven cover is disarmed to be able to wash it. Continue reading