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T-shirt yarn hanging basket

Cesta-colgante-de-trapilloT-shirt yarn baskets are an ideal accessory to have in any corner of the house, since in addition to storing things in them, they help you decorate your home. The t-shirt yarn hanging basket that we are going to share with you today is very simple to make and takes up a little bit of space, since you only need to hang it. Continue reading


T-shirt yarn mesh bag


In order to take care of the planet it’s ideal to have a recyclable bag on hand to carry your purchases,and thus avoid the use of plastic or paper bags. A mesh bag made with t-shirt yarn is the most recommended for this case because in addition to being a resistant material it’s also elastic, so making a medium-sized bag will be enough to carry the day’s purchases. Continue reading

Gorro-de-trapillo-tejido (1)

Knitted t-shirt yarn hat


Using yarn or recycled fabric you can make various accessories that are ideal to wear on different occasions, and hats are no exception. If you are a hat lover keep on reading because today we are going to show you a charming knitted t-shirt yarn hat that you can make using the crochet technique. Continue reading


Tips to knit with T-shirt yarn


The first thing you should do if you want to start knitting with T-shirt yarn is to get large needles. Since T-shirt yarn is wider than regular wool, you’ll need needles with larger hooks. Use plastic or metal needles depending on the fabric with which you made the yarn. If the fabric is tame you can use needles made of plastic, if it’s a little more rustic, those made of metal will work better for you. Continue reading


T-shirt yarn small bowl


Today we bring you a multipurpose project: Create a small bowl with T-shirt yarn! Ideal for storing those objects that we always lose sight of or to use as a cover for cups. Every time you grab a hot cup of tea, do you burn your fingers? Or on the contrary, do liquids cool down very quickly? So, nothing better than having this super practical and beautiful fabric basket. Continue reading

How to make a XL crochet flower


Making crochet flowers with t-shirt yarn is entertaining and relaxing. In addition to that you can achieve beautiful decorations for bags, clothes or to make ornaments for your house, and for sure, there are many ways to create flowers with fabric strips since any crochet scheme can be used. Continue reading

Crochet XL: Stitches to make a basket for bread


In crochet XL, Pernille from Pescno has woven a precious basket for bread and teaches how to do it in this tutorial. Believe it or not, this is her first work using fabric so we send her our most sincere congratulations, because besides being perfect, she has been kind enough to share the step by step for this basket using t-shirt yarn. Continue reading

Pattern to make a crochet tablecloth

Pattern to make a crochet tablecloth

With T-shirt yarn you will be able to weave a tablecloth, because with this material you can achieve a functional object with a nice texture and a beautiful aspect that modernizes the table’s decoration.

Today we are going to share with you a pattern to make a crochet tablecloth that you can weave with fabric strips of the colors that you prefer to combine the tablecloth with the decoration of your home. Continue reading