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T-shirt yarn handle cover


With recycled fabric you can make multiple utilitarian objects, which can be used to improve household chores. In this case, we are going to share with you an idea so that you can learn how to make a cover for handles with fabric in order to keep this part in good condition in your pans and pots. Continue reading


How to make an infinity scarf with t-shirt yarn


An infinity scarf made with t-shirt yarn is very simple and quick to knit, just make a rectangle with garter stitch of approximately 1 meter by 40 centimeters and then sew it. The result is a woven fabric scarf that you can wear in several ways: as a hood, as a scarf or as a shawl, as you can see in the images in this tutorial. Continue reading

Warm garments: gloves, slippers, collars and XL crochet ponchos


Today we are going to share warm garments and accessories, ideal for cold days, because the woven fabric is warm and has a pleasant texture. As an example, these zibbet’s fingerless gloves are one of the warm crochet garments that you’ll see today, in addition to other accessories woven in recycled fabric: a scarf, slippers and an XL poncho (dedicated to my mother who weaves ponchos). Continue reading

How to make a XL crochet flower


Making crochet flowers with t-shirt yarn is entertaining and relaxing. In addition to that you can achieve beautiful decorations for bags, clothes or to make ornaments for your house, and for sure, there are many ways to create flowers with fabric strips since any crochet scheme can be used. Continue reading

Amigurumi: 2-needle t-shirt yarn lambs


These nice t-shirt yarn lambs are not woven like conventional amigurumis, because first you´ll have to make a flat fabric with garter stitches made with two needles and then sew them and fill them to form the dolls to decorate or for the children to play. Continue reading

Video: crochet bracelets with fabric and thread

With this craftychica video tutorial we’ll learn how to make these crochet bracelets with recycled fabric and thread. A perfect project for those who like colorful and cheerful costume jewelery, with a detailed step by step, very easy to follow.

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