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Recover old chairs using recycled fabric

recuperar-sillas-viejas-con-tela-reciclada-6-226x300Chairs are among the most used objects in the house and it’s common for them to break over time. That’s why today we propose you to recover old chairs using recycled fabric so that you can use your creativity in an extremely useful project, which will save you money and give a personalized touch to your furniture. Continue reading

Crochet, art and ecology: coral reefs project

Crochet art and ecology coral reefs project

Margaret Wertheim, a math professional, combines geometry and crochet in order to make art and she -with her sister Christine- weaves coral reefs to create awareness about these wonders that are disappearing in the whole world. To recreate these forms with crochet, these sisters use mathematical and geometrical notions, they called it “hyperbolic crochet”. Continue reading

Andrea Brena’s T-shirt yarn furniture

Andrea Brena’s T-shirt yarn furniture

Andrea Brena is an Italian designer who creates recycled fabric furniture and accessories just weaving them with his arms. The technique Andrea has developed is really singular because he designs and creates chairs, rugs and another ornaments only using fabric strips.

Look out to these beautiful and stunning creations made by Andrea Berna. Continue reading

An amusement park in crochet XXL

An amusement park in crochet XXL

The dream of any child…and any mother, sister or grandmother who loves crochet. In this amusement park in crochet XXL children can have fun at will, while the mothers are very calm (because the kids are not at risk).

Let’s enjoy the happy faces of these children enjoying this super innovative idea, the amusement park in crochet XXL created by Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam, a very creative grandmother. Continue reading