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In addition to items to decorate and accessories, using T-shirt yarn you can also make toys for your pets. Below you´ll see the step by step to create an attractive and colorful toy for your dog or cat.

You just need an old t-shirt, scissors, and a little bit of time.


To start, cut some fabric strips of various colors.


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Then join several of the different colored strips and tie them all in half. It´s very simple and your cat will love it. You can make it the size you want.


If it´s a toy for your dog, the process is simple, you only need strips of fabric of different colors.
This model is made with 12 strips divided into 4 groups.


The knotting technique consists of passing the strips horizontally and vertically so that they are in the opposite position to the initial one. To begin with, thread #1 must be passed from left to right over the others, thread #3 must be passed from top to bottom, thread #2 from right
to left and thread #4 from bottom to top.

This is the result. It is very easy to use this knotting technique.


In the following link you can see in more detail the explanation to make the basic round knot, which is the one used in this project. Click here.

The way of knotting can vary depending on your taste. In this link you´ll find hundreds of different knot options that you can use in your projects and they also have a clear explanation
so you can learn how to make them.

With knotted fabric you can make sandals, baskets, bows, necklaces, bracelets, rugs, belts, headdresses, scarves, bags and many other fashion accessories or decoration for your home.

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