T-shirt yarn slippers


In the main photo you can see a little girl very happy with her slippers. And it’s logical  because is there something more comfortable to use at home than soft and warm fabric slippers?… I think not. Recently on our blog we shared how to make flip flops and today we are going to dedicate this article to the recycled fabric slippers. Perfect to be at home, to keep warm on cold days or to make handmade slippers to give as a gift.

T-shirt yarn slippers

The model in the cover photo has been decorated with buttons, but t-shirt yarn slippers can be decorated with throws, crochet flowers or with various recycled fabric ornaments that you have seen in our blog. These slippers (mini size for children) are beautiful and I’m sure that even without having the pattern, many crochet experts can make their own models.


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This model of 365daysofremake slippers is made for adults. They have made it with a mixed technique: the sole of the footwear with t-shirt yarn (which is more resistant and protects better from the cold of the ground) and the top part is made with wool. A beautiful, warm and unisex design.



Tutorial to make t-shirt yarn slippers


In this tutorial you can learn how to make these slippers that can be woven with any recycled material, either nylon (as in the first image) or recycled fabric as you can see in the following image. There are two different models that can be customized to your liking and based on this tutorial you can make slippers or very cute shoes to use at home.


You can see the lookatwhatimade tutorial to learn how to make these t-shirt yarn slippers.

I hope you find these projects we have shared useful. Now that the cold days come, slippers or cloth shoes are ideal because they are very warm and comfortable, all because of the texture of the fabric.

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