T-shirt yarn slippers models


T-shirt yarn slippers are very comfortable and ideal to wear at home. You can also use recycled fabric strips to renew sandals or decorate shoes. Today we’ll show you all these possibilities since we are going to include several models of t-shirt yarn yarn slippers.

T-shirt yarn slippers

For advanced knitters it won’t be difficult to recreate some of these models and for those who are just starting out, they’ll surely serve as an inspiration to improve their knitting practice.

As we already told you these slippers are very comfortable to wear at home, especially in cold weather. The advantage is that you can find patterns to make slippers for both children and adults.

Lookatwhatimade shows us a simple tutorial where you can learn how to make these 2 models of t-shirt yarn slippers. To see the step-by-step details click on this link: slippers



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This is an interesting variation of the sneakers which gives it a different touch, it’s a deliacreates design. Although they are made with thread, you can adapt the model and make them with t-shirt yarn.


Sandals are not far behind because you can make these models with t-shirt yarn to use on hot days.


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