T-shirt yarn sandals


Want to know how to make beautiful sandals with t-shirt yarn? Keep reading!

Another DIY project you can create with T-shirt yarn are the sandals that you see in the cover image. You can make the same ones following a few simple steps. You´ll need some old sandals, glue, scissors, a scalpel, strong glue and a fabric that you like from a shirt that you no longer use.

These are the materials we will use:


The first step is to cut the strips of the sandals, we will only use the soles.


Cut two strips of fabric approximately 2 inch wide and about 22 inches long, another 2 strips of 3 inches wide by 8 inches long (depending on the width of your foot) and optional a strip of 1 inch wide by 2 inches long.


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Now tie the ends of the two longest straps together and thread them through the parallel holes in the soles. Use the glue to join the knots in the sole (you must hide the knots well so that they don´t get in the way when you walk).


Using a scalpel make a groove on each side of the sole as you see in the image. Tuck the two widest strips into them and put enough glue on them. You can put weight on it so that it´s perfectly attached and doesn´t dismantle when you walk. In this step it´s important that you take into account the thickness of your foot.


If you decide to use the smaller strip, you can put it by joining the two wide strips as you see in the image. It will give you the shape of a beautiful bow, if not, the sandals will look as in the first image you see in the post.


The project is finished. Now you just have to tie the two long straps around your ankles and tie them with the loop that you prefer. These two strips can be as long as you like.

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