T-shirt yarn + recycled materials

T-shirt yarn_recycled materials

You can combine T-hirt yarn or recycled fabric with various kinds of recycled materials like wool, thread remnants and plastic bottles; because the main idea is to make ecological crafts to decorate our house and/or create functional objects to use in our daily life.

Today we are going to show you how to combine T-shirt yarn with recycled materials and some other ideas to add ecological materials to your textile designs.

T-shirt yarn and recycled thread

In the cover image you can see a combination of T-shirt yarn with recycled thread to make colorful rustic rugs. You can purchase recycled thread in rolls to make different crafts.


T-shirt yarn and plastic bottles

With creativity you can combine T-shirt yarn with any recycled material, for example plastic bottles. Here we have an interesting tutorial where you can learn how to decorate a plastic bottle with T-shirt yarn as if it were a tapestry.



T-shirt yarn and racks

In past articles we showed you how to make T-shirt yarn fringed rugs using racks, and this is a very useful material to work with recycled fabric.

There are so many stitches to work with T-shirt yarn in a rack, because you can tie the fabric strips as if you were doing a fringed rug or weave the rack to make a plain stitch.

In the image you can see a weave made in a rack for animal pens.


T-shirt yarn and zippers

You can combine T-shirt yarn with zippers, buttons and other materials that you already have at home. In this necklace you can see recycled fabric combined with various recycled materials that make an unique, beautiful and original design.


As you can see, recycled fabric can be combined with several recycled materials, in that way you can achieve an ecological workshop to use sustainables materials to make jewelry, ornaments or other kinds of creations.

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