T-shirt yarn necklaces with beads


On many occasions we see jewelery pieces that we don’t know very well what materials to use to create something beautiful that attracts attention. Today we want to share some ideas and show you some models of necklaces that we have made.

If you look at the necklace in the photograph, you can see that is crocheted, giving it the shape of a bib. To achieve a striking effect we have added two silver pieces that have a similar shape.


Another idea to make a t-shirt yarn necklace is to use trapeze-style pendants. They are almost triangular shaped pieces from which we can hang anything. You just have to pass several strips of fabric between the pieces and then hang what you like the most. We have chosen to put a feather and two black beads.



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Here we have another model of a t-shirt yarn necklace using the kumihimo braiding technique. A round braid in three colors in which we have finished the necklace with a spacer in the center.



And don´t forget about the clasps for necklaces and bracelets. These should be large since the fabric is a thick material. Two terminals and rings are the best option.




We hope you liked the post and are encouraged to create your own t-shirt yarn necklaces. is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

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Images: trapillo

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