T-shirt yarn knitted blankets


A t-shirt yarn blanket made with a closed stitch is a beautiful accesorie and nice to decorate your home because it´s super warm, a delight for the people who adore a warm bed. Closed-knit blankets aren’t quick to make, but you´ll achieve an excellent quality blanket and a bedroom cover that looks great.

Models of t-shirt yarn blankets

The blue blanket in thew cover photo is my favorite because in addition to look warm, the ash blue color combines perfectly in that bedroom. This blanket can be found at kotijakeittio.

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Here you can see another model by hekledilla, with an open stitch very decorative. An excellent idea for those who want to knit a blanket in a short time.


In our blog we’ve already seen other ideas and models to make blankets with fabric, such as this T-shirt yarn crochet bedspread.


Finally, here we have a very practical idea to make small blankets for sofas. Having a blanket on the sofa allows us to snuggle up in it while watching TV, knitting, reading, or spending a relaxing moment in front of the stove. This model is found on homecrafts´ page.


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Images: trapillo

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