T-shirt yarn knitted beanies


In autumn, with the start of the cold weather -or just for fun- we begin to think about the family members who need coats and hats, because we like to knit and that way we can create handmade garments to give them with the affection that we put in the hours of knitting. One of the accessories we most use in the cold weather are beanies and as usual in this blog we think in t-shirt yarn knitted beanies.

T-shirt yarn beanies

If you know how to knit a wool beanie then you will have no difficulty knitting them with t-shirt yarn just following a scheme.

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The beanie in the cover photo is a model you can make with this ravelry scheme

With fabric you can make beanies for children, simple models: with earmuffs, decorated with fabric, pompoms, fringes, braids and whatever you think they like more.


You can find these beautiful fabric beanies for children in biene-bien


In her blog, Claudiacolor gives us a great idea: make with t-shirt yarn a super modern beret.

T-shirtyarn.com is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

T-shirt yarn beanie that becomes a bag

This beanie fulfills a double function. It can be worn on the head on cold days and transformed into a bag when you don’t need to go so warm.

Great, right? We found this idea in the blog aronoel where you can see how pretty the beanie is transformed into a bag.45-624x832


The pattern to make a t-shirt yarn beanie with pompoms can be found on this greensheepshop page


Finally, if you don’t want or don’t know how to knit a beanie, you can buy one. You can find this model in this etsy store

Soon we will share patterns to make t-shirt yarn beanies and other accessories.

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