T-shirt yarn jewelry models


T-shirt yarn is an ideal material for making various types of costume jewelery since it can be molded into necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. That’s why today we are going to give you some ideas of models of t-shirt yarn jewelry to inspire you and so you can start adding these designs to your creations with recycled fabric.

T-shirt yarn jewelry

You can use t-shirt yarn to make a complete piece or as a complement to other materials such as chains, ribbons, leather, among others. It just takes a little practice and imagination to adapt each jewelery model to your needs and tastes.

T-shirt yarn necklaces:

Carmicimicata shows us this beautiful necklace model in which rolled up t-shirt yarn flowers and star/flower-shaped braids were use to make the main decoration of this piece.


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In this other model we see how by using only the T-shirt yarn strips a modern and simple piece can be achieved, ideal for a casual wardrobe.


T-shirt yarn earrings:

You can wrap or weave strips of fabric to create these models of earrings in various colors.



T-shirt yarn bracelets:

T-shirt yarn bracelets are one of the favorite projects to make with recycled fabric, these are some of the designs that you can achieve.




If you want to know other techniques to make recycled fabric bracelets, be sure to read T-shirt yarn bracelets and Casual T-shirt yarn bracelets.

T-shirt yarn rings:

You can decorate a ring base with small t-shirt yarn rolled flowers to have a piece of costume jewelery with your personal touch.


You can also make rings with scraps of fabric that you have in your house following just a few simple steps.


If you want to see other models and tutorials of costume jewelery, do not hesitate to visit the T-shirt yarn Blog regularly, so that you are aware of all the new projects that you can create with recycled fabric. is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

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Images: trapillo

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