T-shirt yarn inspiration: 5 useful fabrics for home organization


A way to keep organized and at the same time decorate our house is to have organizers where to keep small objects that are always scattered. And if we knit them with t-shirt yarn, much better, because we can choose colors, textures and shape our idea of a warm home, harmoniously decorated.

This idea of making a pocket for the sofa is perfect because we can store remote controls, books, needles -and knitting in it-, but today we are going to share even more ideas to inspire us to weave utilitarian accessories, helpers that keep order and save us work.

Utility fabrics with t-shirt yarn

We have already ordered the room, and now we are going to organize the sewing box by making a fabric pincushion. We can make this cute model that we found in this etsy shop or we can knit a round or flower shape, which is woven easily.


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It´s ideal to make an organizer for XL needles so you won´t lose these very important work tools.

A simple and very beautiful model can be found in this link to eljoyerodemarivi’s XL needle holder.


More organizers, in this case a hanging envelope to keep everything that we can knit, make it following the instructions of helenacc’s tutorial.

You can find more patterns for baskets and organizers in this link and we also find here a nice way to remove the pots from the path and give us the pleasure of having indoor plants at a good height, so that they can hang flowers and vines that brighten up any environment in the room.


Find more ideas in this article about fabric pots and planters.

Another way of working with t-shirt yarn: weave utilities that will be of great help to organize objects, clear the rooms and maintain order and cleanliness in our home. Just have fun creating these handcrafted beauties!

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