T-shirt yarn handle cover


With recycled fabric you can make multiple utilitarian objects, which can be used to improve household chores. In this case, we are going to share with you an idea so that you can learn how to make a cover for handles with fabric in order to keep this part in good condition in your pans and pots.

The advantage of this cover is that in addition to protect the handles (which are usually made with plastic or weak materials) they will also help protect you from the heat so you do not need to use gloves or other accessories when grabbing a pan.

T-shirt yarn handles

With some knowledge of crochet, some t-shirt yarn and a needle you can make these beautiful and functional handles, which are practical and will give to your kitchen utensils an improved look.


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To make these handles you will need to master the chain stitch and the single stitch, as well as knowing how to decrease and/or increase the stitches to give the necessary shape to the handle. The final shape will depend on the shape of the handle you want to cover.

Tastycrochet shares on its blog the detailed step by step so you can make these handles, if you want to take a look and learn how to make them, you just have to click here.

Hope you like this idea and start making t-shirt yarn handles for your kitchen implements. is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

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