T-shirt yarn handbag


T-shirt yarn bags are an excellent alternative, because in addition to being durable they are original and a great choice as a project to recycle fabric. For lovers of the crochet chain stitch this idea comes in handy, because with this stitch you can make this beautiful t-shirt yarn handbag.

This tote bag is decorated with woven t-shirt yarn in the form of a chain, so it’s a project that anyone who knows how to make this stitch can do.

T- shirt-yarn handbag


  • Fabric.
  • T-shirt yarn.
  • Crochet hook
  • Zipper.
  • Sewing needle.
  • Thread.
  • Paper.
  • Pencil.

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Step by step:

Decide the final size you want for the handbag and draw a rectangle of that size on the paper. This will be your pattern.

Fold the fabric in half and place the pattern on top, add 1 cm to the total size. Then, cut out the rectangle.

The lower part is the one that corresponds to the fold of the fabric, so you’ll only have to sew the sides. In this way you already have the base of the bag.

With t-shirt yarn make a chain long enough to cover the entire bag. Sew or glue the chain on the bag, you can do it horizontally or vertically, it all depends on your tastes.

Add the zipper and use a chain to make the strap, in this way you already have a t-shirt yarn handbag.

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