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A duster is one of the most useful cleaning objects in home and certainly we use it so much that its feathers or threads wear out frequently, so we are forced to change it from time to time. But now we’ll teach you how to create a duster with fabric so that you don´t have to spend money on an object of common use and solve the problem with your own hands.


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We bring this practical idea from restitchyarn. The materials you’ll need are yarn made from a large men’s T-shirt (or a medium-sized ball of t-shirt yarn), a pair of 10mm needles and an old base from a plastic duster.


Pattern for the duster

Start with 9 stitches.

Starting round: knit 1 stitch, knit in the front then back of the stitch (increase 2 stitches), knit 3 stitches, knit in the front and then back of the stitch (increase 2 stitches), knit 1 stitch (total 13 stitches).

1st round: knit 1 stitch, knit in stitch but don’t slip out of the stitch of the left needle, bring yarn to the front between the needles and wrap counterclockwise around the thumb and behind, knit the same stitch on the left needle.

Follow the rest of the instructions in this PDF.

plumero-hecho-de-trapillo-4 (1)

The great thing about this idea is that it allows you to renew your duster much more frequently than if you had to buy a new one. In addition, the cotton fabric is easily washable so you can even remove the fabric from the frame and wash it with water and white soap. What did you think of this project? is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

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