T-shirt yarn cap


All you need to create a beautiful cap for yourself or your daughters is an old t-shirt.

The first thing you have to do is cut a long strip of 4” wide. The length will depend on the circumference of the head + one inch of the seam.


Now you have to cut a circle at the top. This involves a bit of math. Using your head’s circumference you will be able to find the diameter of the circle you will have to cut.

c = d x Π (3.14)

So for example my circumference was 20.5”. Dividing that number by PI, the diameter is 6.5” (you can stretch it a bit because it doesn’t have to be perfect). I have added an inch to that as well for the seams. I drew and cut the 7-1/2” circle using a compass. It´s also possible to use a string tied to a pen or use a round object with the same diameter. Again, I cut through both layers to have two circles. Once they are cut, I sewed the two together with a ¼” seam around the edge.


Then I sewed the ends of the long strip together with a 1/2” seam and create a very thin tube.


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I pinned the circle to the top of the tube, with the seam facing outside.


Sewn across the top with a 1/2” seam and then turned right over.


To make the visor I cut two layers and inserted a piece of cardboard (it must be smaller than the visor to be able to sew it) in the middle of them.


Then I sewed around the edges. I’ve added a few more layers of stitching to make it stronger and look nicer.


I inserted the visor between the two layers of the cap. An inch and a half of the visor was inside the cap. Take a look in the mirror to make sure you liked the length of the brim.


Now all that’s left to do is sew around the base of the hat.


It only took me 30 minutes to make my first cap and I had no problem. I love the look of raw edges without having to hem any.

I added flowers made with additional pieces of fabric. I cut long strips of fabric about 1-1/2 inch thick. I twisted them and then wrapped them.


I sewed them by hand.


And then sew them on the cap.


And voila, it´s so comfortable that you can wear it all day.



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Images: trapillo

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