T-shirt yarn bracelets


There are some brightly colored t-shirts that are now too small for my daughters and have found a new life as bracelets.



For this project you´ll need some old t-shirts and several bracelets. Try to recycle old bracelets you already have or visit thrift stores.


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Cut the t-shirt into strips of 1/2″ to 1″ wide (depending on the thickness of the bracelet). A thicker bracelet will need thicker strips.


Loosely tie one end of the t-shirt strap to the bracelet and begin wrapping the fabric around the bracelet, the tighter the better.


Wrap the fabric until you meet the first knot then undo the knot and tie the two ends together to close. Tie a double knot, pull tight and make sure the knot sits on the inside of the bracelet. Trim the ends with scissors.


It worked for me that way but if you want you can use a glue gun to fix the ends.

We made a ton of these bracelets this morning and my daughters really liked them.

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