T-shirt yarn belt models


With t-shirt yarn you can create various accessories to complement your wardrobe and a belt is not an exepction. Today we’ll share some models of t-shirt yarn fabric belts so that you can get inspired and start making your own designs.

You can make simple belts to wear with jeans or create more complex designs, ideal to wear with formal dresses or outfits; likewise, adding beads and other types of embellishments to a t-shirt yarn belt makes it a unique piece.

T-shirt yarn belts

With t-shirt yarn and any macramé stitch you can create a casual belt, like this one:


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To complete a belt made with t-shirt yarn it’s valid to opt for the conventional buckle (you can get it in jewelry or craft stores) or leave some strips of t-shirt yarn to make a bow.


Thick t-shirt yarn belts are excellent accessories to use with dresses and the best thing is that making small changes you can have several models.


6a00d8341bfaf553ef013488a0efea970cBy combining t-shirt yarn of various shades you can have an original belt, in which the fabric stands out.



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Images: trapillo

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