T-Shirt yarn baskets with blurred colors

T-Shirt yarn baskets with blurred colors

To make a T-Shirt yarn basket with blurred colors using the technique we are going to show you is super simple. You just have to weave the basket with white or light colored fabric and then we blur it with fabric dyeing ink.

Look how easy is this process for dyeing T-Shirt yarn and make baskets with blurred colors.

Baskets with blurred colors


To dye a T-Shirt yarn basket you need aniline for fabrics, salt (to use as a mordant) and a bowl.

Start by preparing the ink based on product directions, then add a handful of salt (so that the color is set) and stir. Dip the basket with warm water and immerse it in the dye about 20 minutes. Then add hot water in the container to turn up the dye and so on we are adding water to dilute and soften the color.


Another process for dyeing the basket is soaking it in aniline, wash it with water, dip again, rewash in aniline and so on to form the gradient color, to achieve the desired blur effect.


If you want to see more pictures of this technique or get more information, click on the link at the end of this article.

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