T-shirt yarn bags made with synthetic mesh


A grid or synthetic mesh is not only used to make carpets with t-shirt yarn, as you can see in these models of bags, they can also be used for other projects with recycled fabric.

This is an original way to make t-shirt yarn bags that can be customized based on the taste and creativity of each artisan, leaving long strips or creating designs with crochet.

T-shirt yarn bags with a mesh

The works with mesh can be done in various ways, one of them is to tie the strips of fabric to make a surface with fringes and the other is to pass the t-shirt yarn through the holes and then sew it as seen in this image of the making of a carpet.


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The design can be previously drawn on a grid sheet and then put into practice with the desired colors of t-shirt yarn.

The idea is to make the bag flat and then shape it by sewing the sides.

If you leave parts unfilled can achieve bags with transparent sections.


In this way you can combine different types and colors of t-shirt yarn and use different types of fabric to fill the shapes.

“Special fabric” t-shirt yarn comes in delicate tulle or fabrics, perfect to give texture and variety to the designs of mesh bags.


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Images: trapillo

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