T-shirt yarn and embroidered ribbon necklace


Sometimes, the prettiest jewelry accessories made with t-shirt yarn are the easiest to create. It’s the case of this necklace made with fabric strips and embroidered ribbon that has a perfect termination with tha addition of a chain and a jewelry clasp.

A simple and beautiful manual project which you can put into practice thanks to the step-by-step that patternlike share in this modern tutorial to make a recycled necklace with t-shirt yarn and embroidered ribbon.

Step by step t-shirt yarn and ribbon necklace

To make this necklace you’ll need:

  • T-shirt yarn.
    Embroidered ribbon.
    2 hoops.
    Costume closure.
    Thread and needle.

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The first thing to do is wrap the t-shirt yarn in a solid base, such as a book, a tray, etc., that has the measure that you want to obtain in the textile part of the necklace.

Then we remove the t-shirt yarn from the mold and give it some stitches so it doesn´t disassemble. Then fasten the ends with the embroidered ribbon, sewing it on the back.


To finish open each hoop and place them inside the loop on each extreme of the t-shirt yarn necklace, add the chain and the clasp to close.

Nothing simpler to make and the result, as you can see, is very beautiful.


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Images: trapillo

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