Summer garments woven with fabric strips


You can make accessories with crocheted fabric as a way to decorate your home, but, you can also create garments for every season of the year using thin strips of fabric to weave a bikini or a blouse for example.

Today we’ll see some piece of clothes made with t-shirt yarn and some schemes for weaving them, so you will be able to create your garments just with fabric strips and a crochet hook.

Summer clothing woven with fabric strips

You can find crochet bikinis in the itpins store. Here you can see 2 bikini designs (blue and green).


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For crochet lovers who want to try to make bikinis woven with fabric, you can find patterns in these links: ojoconelartetodosimple, ganchilloydosagujaspatterns, mbelkis, demismanostejidos


The fashion of crochet with fabric has reached the garments. You can find this knitted blouse in this etsy shop


This summer you’ll see woven garments with recycled fabric and also more warm clothing models to go out at night or use when it’s cold outside.

Another trend of fashion: clothes with decorations of woven fabric. It looks really cute because it seems that the accessories have been included in the garment, a really great idea to achieve a delicate, feminine and very modern summer or mid-season garment.


Kay Lim Design L.A via secondstreet

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