Square rug step by step (and tips for flattening the fabric)


Almost all the models of XXL crocheted rugs you have seen in our blog are round, and a friend recently asked us how to make a square rug of t-shirt yarn with crochet, so, today we share a complete step by step for rugs clearly explained, where you can see how to make a square rug with recycled fabric and how to stretch the fabric so the rug stays flat, smooth and even.

Tips for smoothing the fabric of a rug

To smooth the rug once completed you have to place it on a large garbage bag and secure it with pins. Above it put a towel or cloth. Then, using a damp cloth wet the rug by pressing down and sideways to stretch it, concentrating on the wrinkled areas that need improvement.


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Let the rug dry and see how it feels smooth with a square shape.

Step by step square rug

In addition to sharing these useful tips to smooth the t-shirt yarn, in this tutorial we provide the step by step with photographs to make a square rug.


This pattern is for a square rug of approximately 50 x 40 cm. You’ll need around 140 meters of recycled fabric, equivalent to 1 kilo. Also you’ll need a 9 mm crochet hook.


To see the complete step-by-step to make a square rug enter in this link: Crocheting a t-shirt yarn rug 

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