Snowman made with a sock


This is a fun Christmas project for the family to share creative time together: for children to learn to recycle and for mothers to use the endless number of “lonely socks” that washing machines left. The idea is to make nice decorations for the house by recycling socks, buttons and leftover fabric.

You can fill the sock with various materials like: cotton, fabric scraps, rice, or whatever the children think is best. Let’s let them have fun, recycle and create by helping them make this adorable snowmen.

How to make a snowman with a sock

Start by filling the doll’s head, give it a round shape and fasten it by tying or sewing.


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Then, fill the body and close again at the bottom. And now decorate it.


Begin by folding up the excess sock piece and continue sewing or gluing some beads to create a smile.




Now glue some buttons instead of eyes and a piece of felt instead of nose. Cut another sock to make a hat, create a scarf with a little piece of and decorate the rest according to your taste to have your Christmas snowman ready.




I think this is a nice idea to make Christmas crafts with children and to give usefulness to the scraps and the materials that we don´t use from the sewing basket. I hope you have fun making this funny little snowmen. is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

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Images: trapillo

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