Single crochet stitch


The single or half crochet is another of the basic stitches you should to start knitting more complex projects. In magazines and instructions you will find it abbreviated as sc (single crochet).

How to make a single crochet or a half crochet stitch?

To start you should have made a chain stitch as long as you need it.

1. Insert the needle through the second stitch (the one that appears shaded in the image) you must leave an empty one because you’ll use it later.


2. make a loop on the needle and pass it through the second chain stitch. When you pass it you’ll have two strands of thread or loops on the needle.


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3. Now you must make a third loop without releasing the others and pass it through the two loops you have made in the previous step. At the end you will have only one loop on the needle. Look at the illustration so that you have a clearer idea of how to do it.


4. Repeat the same procedure in chain stitch number 3, and repeat steps one through three until you finish with all the chain stitches that you have made.


5. To turn and start the second round -as you started the single crochets in the second chain stitch- you must insert the needle to make the return stitch in the first space that you left.

In this video you’ll see more clearly the way to make a half stitch or single stitch. Check it out carefully and start practicing. At first you’ll do it very slowly, but then you will see how it comes out automatically.

Knowing the chain stitch, the slip stitch and the single crochet you can start making more complex projects such as dolls, caps and hats, baby shoes, bags, centerpieces, bed lines and even tablecloths.


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