Schemes of t-shirt yarn baskets with handles


T-shirt yarn baskets with handles have a lot of uses, either for decoration or to organize objects to maintain order in your house. You can use this kind of baskets for toys (so the children can easily carry them from one side to another), for dirty clothes, for sewing objects, etc. Anyway… each person can give the t-shirt yarn baskets the utility they like and at the same time keep their home clear and tidy using a beautiful object made with crochet and recycled fabric.

Schemes of baskets with handles

The scheme to make these cover baskets can be found in kangasaitta’s tutorial. With this scheme you can make this style with any color of t-shirt yarn you desire.


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This woven basket with blue and gray handles is a silmukoidenseassa’s creation.


You can learn how to make this beautiful woven basket with handles by just following the instructions that eilentein shares. In this link you will find the instructions to weave this basket with handles and other ideas to create baskets and decorations with t-shirt yarn to decorate your house, like cute crocheted tablecloths with recycled fabric.


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