Schemes for T-shirt yarn puffs

Schemes for T-shirt yarn puffs

A puff is a very practical and decorative object because you can weave them in different colors and forms. Also, you can use them in anywhere in the house, and move or stack them if you need more space. Puffs create a modern and relaxed ambient, and is better if you can make them just using T-shirt yarn.

Today we are going to share some models and schemes for T-shirt yarn puffs, you can make them in crochet or fringed.

Crochet puffs

If you want to make a crochet puff there is a lot of options in regard to forms and stitches: one of the forms is the classic round or oval puff.


You can find the scheme to make a round puff in frambloos’s tutorial

Another model is the cylindrical puff. For this puff you need to use a big cylindrical recipient to fill the T-shirt yarn cover. Also, you can make this puff with a top to use it as an organizer.


To make a cylindrical puff, you can use this gray model and the scheme as a reference.



Fringed puff

There is another easy way to make a puff using the technique to make a fringed cushion. You only have to make the fringed structure and cover a cylindrical base with it, be careful to use a flexible rack to make it, so you can cover the base easily.


What do you think about these ideas? Will you make puffs for your house?

Images: kdhamptons, frambloos, imanualidades, epiplonet

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