Rosette pendant necklace


T-shirt yarn rosettes are an excellent resource when it comes to decorating any piece, because this shape -which may seem simple- gives a feminine touch that serves to complement accessories, decorations, clothing renovation, etc. And aa a sample of it today we’ll see how to make a necklace with a rosette pendant.

How to make a necklace with a rosette pendant


  • T-shirt.
  • Felt.
  • Scissors.
  • Needle.
  • Thread.
  • 3 jump rings.
  • Alligator clips.
  • Clasp to close.
  • Flat tip pliers.
  • Glue.

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Step by step:

Make a t-shirt yarn rosette. You can vary the size depending on how big or small you want to make the pendant. When you’re done, glue a circle of felt to the back of the rosette.

Add 2 jump rings to the rosette, this will help you include it in the necklace.

Determine the size you want for the necklace. Cut 3 strips of yarn with that measurement.

Insert a jump ring in the 3 t-shirt yarn strips, bring it to the middle of the strips.

Join the free ends of the strips with an alligator clip on each side. In this clip place the clasp to close (a component of the closure in each clip).

Link the charm to the jump ring in the center of the necklace and you’re done!


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