Rope and recycled fabric: bags, baskets, hats?


The technique of rope wrapped with fabric is one of the simplest and with it you can get beautiful handmade creations for decoration or clothing, because a basket can become a hat or a bag.

With a sewing machine or patience to sew by hand you can achieve beautiful accessories or utilities for your home, such as centerpieces and baskets to decorate or organize.

Rope wrapped in fabric (technique)

You can create beautiful decorative utilities -such as vases or baskets- using the technique of wrapping the rope with strips of fabrics. The procedure is to wrap the rope with a strip of fabric and then sew it by machine or by hand, giving it the desired shape.



In this fiberartalmanac’s link you’ll find videos that show the procedures for sewing by hand or by hand bags, baskets or hats.



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In this way a basket can be transformed into a bag, simply forming the brim of the hat with the seam.



Based on the colors, the types of fabric and the textures, these beautiful design creations are achieved; in this case by Nancy Wick.

33-624x416Here you have other designs of baskets made with rope and fabric, some of them with decorations based on the taste of each artisan.



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