Restored stools with recycled fabric

Restored stools with recycled fabric

A great idea to restore stools is to use recycled fabric to create a weave that covers all the imperfections, you can use crochet or a loom to make a weave with T-shirt yarn and decorate stools to give them a new look.

Stools with recycled fabric

The easiest way to restore a stool with recycled fabric is knitting a crochet circle bigger than the seat’s size and put elastic in the outer edge, in this way you can adjust the piece to the seat and make a cushion for the stool.


If you have a squared stool then you have to make a knitted square or rectangle in crochet.


If you want to learn how to make a stool cover with T-shirt yarn check the tutorial made by micahmakes.


You can make “socks” for a stool to keep the floor safe and avoid scratches or to maintain the rugs.


There are so many ways to restore a stool with recycled fabric, all depends of the stool condition and your skills with the recycled fabric; if you have a technique to restore stools please share it with us in the comments below.



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