Recycling: make coasters with jean pockets

Reciclaje-posavasos-con-bolsillos-de-jeanIf you have jeans you no longer wear (or you can find them very cheaply in second-hand stores) you can use them as a material to work with recycled fabric since there are an infinite number of projects that you can do with this type of fabric. And when you work with jeans, the leftovers are usually the pockets, in today’s project we’ll see how to recycle jeans pockets to transform them into coasters in a few steps.

How to make coasters with jean pockets


  • Jeans.
  • Plastic bags.
  • Fabric glue.
  • Iron.

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Step by step:

Remove the pockets from the jean. Carefully pull the thread out and try to leave the inner edges of the pocket.


From the plastic bag cut twice the size of the pocket, fold it and put it in the back of the pocket.

Apply a little bit of fabric glue to the edges of the fabric and cover the edges of the bag to hold it in place. You can use any type of plastic you have around the house for the back of the coaster.

Then cover the back of the coaster with another pocket, use glue to join the two pieces together. The idea is that the plastic is placed between the two pockets to prevent moisture from passing through the fabric.

Iron the pocket and voila, you have a new coaster!

You can leave it natural or add some decoration if you wish.

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