Recycling: Make a skirt out of t-shirts


If you want to learn an easy way to make a piece of clothing and at the same time recycle those old t-shirts that no one wears at home keep reading the next tutorial as we’ll tell you how to make a skirt out of t-shirts.

You can make this skirt with the colors that you like the most and adapt the measurements as this model is ideal for both adults and girls. Also, extra embelishments aren’t too much so you can use decorations such as pompoms and flowers, among others in order to make your skirt an original piece.

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How to make a skirt by recycling t-shirts

To make the skirt you’ll need: 2 different colored t-shirts, scissors, tape measure, sewing machine.

The measurements that we are going to show you are for a large (adult) skirt, but you can adjust them depending on your needs.

Cut the 2 t-shirts into strips approximately 10 cm wide (don’t unsew the sides). Next, sew the bottom edge of one strip to the top edge of another, alternating colors. Choose to use the zig-zag stitch and be careful not to stretch or ripple the fabric while you are sewing. It’s recommended that both the first and the last strip of the skirt be the bottom of one of the shirts, so you will not have to sew a hem.

After joining the strips, check out to see if you need to make any adjustments to the side seams.

In this way you already have a skirt made out of t-shirts!

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